Cancun Airport Transportation


Some importante tips for you to get your transportation service at the Cancun airport.
To speed up the Mexican Immigration and Customs procedures please have all required forms filled out prior to your arrival to the Cancun International Airport. (Your Airline will provide these forms). Once clearing immigration, proceed directly to the luggage claim area to get your luggage, and then proceed through the customs checkpoint.
After you clear customs you probably will be approached by numerous solicitors in your way to the exit door trying to divert you from leaving the arrival gate, sometimes they request you to show them your passport or your transportation voucher. Under no circumstances, DO NOT stop and talk to these "Information/Transportation" solicitors as they will take up 30 minutes of your time peddling off tours, invitations to time share presentations or non requested information which only leads you to false promises and the most important, loss of your transportation service.
Also you will note a lot of people shouting loud from their booths the word "taxi", do not approach to them to ask about your transportation since they will try to sell their own tickets at higher prices, they could tell you that "They are not here", "Don't know this company", "They just left", "They asked me to take care of you", do not pay attention and keep walking, after you leave the exit door you will see people holding signs, our representative will be in that area.
Airport greeters  

Terminal 2.- You will be picked up at the airport right after you pass the exit door, there is a small corridor in "Y" shape, usually our representative is standing to the right side behind a metallic fence just in front of the Restaurant named "Meeting Point", he will be holding a banner of our company VAN TRAVEL.

Terminal 3.- Just pass the unique exit door and you will see an ample area where all the travel representatives are waiting for their customers, our representative will be in that area holding a banner of our company VAN TRAVEL.

We have a 60 minutes frame of time to wait for you after your flight has landed so please do not delay inside the terminal.

If you some reason you can't locate our representatives at the airport, get any public phone and dial the local 1-800 number that we provide to all of our customers in the service confirmation. DO NOT let that any person that offer assistance to you use their own cell phones to call us, you could be dealing with pirates that will try to sell their services to you, sometimes they will charge you more and the worst, if your service is round trip they will never pick you up on your return date.