Cancun Airport Transportation


Here is a guide of how to locate our representative at the Cancun airport.
Airport greeters  
Pass through immigration control counters, claim your lugagge, pass through customs and head up to the exit door corridor, get out the building and you will see an area where some travel representatives are waiting for other people and holding signs, our airport greeter will be in that area holding a banner of our company VAN TRAVEL. See the uniform sample above.

If you can't locate him just get any public telephone at the airport and dial the local 1-800 that we provided in your service voucher and we will be with you shorly.

TRAVEL SAFE. We care for your safety, we strongly suggest you to read the airport tips, please open: "Cancun Airport Arrival Tips".
Our representatives wears brown or blue pants and shirts combined with blue and red color, all of them has embroidered the logo like the sample picture on the right.
Logo Van Travel

All of our drivers and representatives has an identification badge issued by the Cancun Airport Authority, if any person at the airport offer to you a transportation service and don't have this badge you probably are dealing with an unauthorized person commonly called "pirates", for your own safety please do be careful if hire a service with them, they are not licensed by the airport and you could end up paying much more than the real cost.

Sample of authorized badge
Drivers Badge Sample