Cancun Airport Transportation

Receptionist at Cancun AirportPass through immigration, luggage claim, and customs before proceeding to the exit corridor and exiting the terminal building. Following your departure, you may notice various representatives from other agencies waiting for travelers in a certain area. Our representative can generally be found at the AIR MARGARITA VILLE BAR in terminal 3, as well as THE WELCOME BAR in terminals 2 and 4. He is hoisting our company's banner, VAN TRAVEL. If you can't find him, please phone the number on your service voucher, and he will come to you as soon as possible.
To expedite Mexican Immigration and Customs procedures, please have all needed forms completed prior to your arrival at Cancun International Airport. (These forms will be supplied by your airline.) After clearing immigration, continue to the luggage claim area, and then through customs.
After customs, on your way out to the exit door, you will most likely be contacted by a swarm of solicitors attempting to persuade you not to leave the arrival gate. They may ask you to show them your passport or a transportation voucher. Do not stop and talk to these "Information/Transportation" solicitors because they will take up 30 minutes of your time peddling off tours, invitations to time share presentations, or non-requested information, which will only lead to false promises and, most importantly, the loss of your transportation service.
There will also be a number of individuals shouting "taxi" from their booths or from outside the airport building. Avoid approaching them to inquire about your transportation because they will attempt to sell their own tickets at exorbitant prices. They may say, "They are not here." "I don't know this company." "They just left." "They requested me to look after you." Pay no attention and continue heading to the exit door. Once outside, search for our agent, who is generally standing near the terminal bars, with the sign VAN TRAVEL. Please do not linger within the terminal as we have 60 minutes to wait for you once your flight has landed. Call us if the delivery of your luggage is delayed.

If you are unable to locate our representatives at the airport, please call the number listed on your service voucher. Do not take assistance from others since they may mislead you.

If someone approaches you at the airport and offers you assistance in contacting us, and you accept, do not allow them to use their own cell phone to pretend to call us. You could be dealing with pirates who will try to offer you their own expensive services no matter what, and you could be a victim of a scam. They pretend to make a call and hand you the phone so you can speak with someone supposedly from our office; the person on the other end of the line may inform you, "Your service is not currently scheduled. Pay the guy who is assisting you, and he will provide the service." They may tell you if your service was pre-paid with a credit card "Your service is not currently scheduled. The person who is helping you must be paid in cash. He will complete the service, and we will refund your credit card." To ensure that this is not a scam, when the other person on the line replies, ask for your email address and reservation number. He/she will almost certainly not have that information; We are the only ones that have access to your booking information.

If you fall for the scam and pay them for a round trip that is likewise significantly more expensive than the standard fare, they will very certainly not pick you up at the hotel to return to the airport on your departure date. If you use their services, you run the risk of using an illegal cab, which could endanger your safety, there will be no record of you using such a service.


Terminal 2.-
Domestic arrivals.
There are two exit doors. Walk down the short exit corridor to the first exit door on your right, which has a parking lot sign. You will notice a large area where other travel representatives are waiting for their customers. Our representative will be near the WELCOME BAR, holding a banner displaying our company, VAN TRAVEL. Remember to use the first door on your right; otherwise, if you continue walking until you reach the door at the end of the hallway, you will enter the main building, where people are normally waiting for family or friends exclusively. We will NOT be in that location. If this happens to you, please contact us by email or phone and we will locate you quickly.

Terminal 2.- International arrivals
. Once outside the terminal building, look for the WELCOME BAR. Our drivers and representatives are usually near that area, holding a VAN TRAVEL banner.

Terminal 3.-
After passing through the unique exit door, you will notice a large space where other travel representatives are waiting for their customers. Our representative will be there with a banner displaying our company, VAN TRAVEL. He is usually located near the AIR MARGARITA VILLE BAR.

Terminal 4.- There are two exit doors. One is prominently marked "FAMILY AND FRIENDS," and the other says "GROUND TRANSPORTATION." Take the left exit door and look for our representative. He'll be by the WELCOME BAR, displaying a VAN TRAVEL banner.