Cancun Airport Transportation


We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions that our valuable clients like you usually have for us. If you don't find a response to your question please click here to email us.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I pay my transfer with credit card?
A.- Yes, you can do that through the internet after the reservation process or if you already booked you can do that by phone.

I prefer to pay for the service when arrive to Cancun, can I do that?
A.- Yes, you can pay with cash or credit card, when arrive to Cancun you can give your credit card to the driver and he will call the main office to process the charge.

I don't want to pay with PayPal, do you have any other way to take my debit or credit card?
A.- Yes, you can pay with Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express, when you receive your service voucher you can pay through the internet or call to give us your credit card information to our reservations agent, he will process the charge and will send you a receipt.

Do you have a Lost & Found department?
A.- Yes, after each service every vehicle is carefully revised and if there is any item forgotten on board it is reported immediately to the operation's manager. If you forget something inside the vehicle we can send it to you via Fedex or DHL, you'd have to pay the expenses of the courier service.

How do I make a reservation ?
A.- Go to the main page, navigate until you find the type of services need, select it, enter the hotel name and numner of passengers, an instant quotation will be displayed on the screen and ready to make the booking.

Are you licensed to operate this service at the airport?
A.- Yes, we do have license to operate in the three airport terminals and have federal plates to transport passengers in all of Mexico's roads. Our companies are bonded and all of our vehicles count with effective insurance policies, applicable permits and licenses.

Can I choose the type of vehicle for my service?
A.- No, we assign the vehicles depending on availability, you could be assigned from a standard sedan car to a De Luxe vehicle. To secure a specific car type you need to go to the VIP section, the Deluxe cars available are: Ford Expedition, Ford Expedition Max & Suburban.

While in Cancun or the Mayan Riviera do I need to call you to reconfirm my return service to the airport?
A.- If you have confirmed a round trip service it is not necessary to do that since we have an electronic scheduler that reminds us your service until it has been completed, when make a reservation we issue an electronic voucher online with your service information, that information is the same that the operation's manager have. However if you feel more comfortable, contact us by phone to double check your return service, see your service voucher to get the local 1-800 number.

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