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Frequently Asked Questions

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I prefer to pay for the service when arrive to Cancun, can I do that?
A.- You can pay for your service when you arrive, but your driver only accepts cash. If you desire to pay by credit or debit card, please ask our staff for the QR code to pay online.

I don't want to pay with PayPal, do you have any other method to take my debit or credit card?
A.- Yes, you can pay with Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. When you receive your service voucher, look for the MY BOOKINGS link, access to that user interface and look for the option "Stripe".

How do I make a reservation ?
A.- Go to the main page, navigate until you find the type of services needed, select it, enter the hotel name and number of passengers, an instant quotation will be displayed on the screen, and you are ready to make the booking.

Can you pick up at different terminals at the Cancun airport?
A.- Yes, if customers arrive at about the same time but in different terminals, we can pick up the person on the later flight and take them to the other terminal to start the service. However, because we must enter two distinct terminals, we must pay double airport parking costs and access fees, this incurs an additional fee of USD $10.00. For stops at more than two terminals, contact us to get a quote..

Are you licensed to operate this service at the airport?
A.- Yes, we have a license to operate in all airport terminals and federal plates that allow us to transport passengers on all Mexican roadways. Our organization is bonded, and all of our vehicles have proper insurance policies, permits, and licenses.

While in Cancun or the Mayan Riviera do I need to call you to reconfirm my return service to the airport?
A.- It is not required to do so if you have confirmed a round-trip service. We have a computerized scheduler that keeps track of your service until it is completed. We send you an electronic voucher with your service information when you make a reservation. That information is also available to the operation's manager. If you like, you can contact us by phone to double-check your return service. The local 1-800 number can be found on your service coupon. We always send an email reminder the day before your service.

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