Cancun Airport Transportation


Frequently Asked Questions

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We are travelling to Cancun within the next 6 months, Can I make a reservation now?
A.- Yes, we can take your reservation, no matter if you come over within the next 6 months or next year. We take reservations up to 24 months in advance.

Does your drivers speaks English?
A.- 80% of our drivers speaks a good English level, and the rest speaks basic level only, but they will understand what you want if you speak to them slowly. The reservation staff and the operation's manager speaks English fluently so in case you have any problem in Cancun just contact us and we will take care of the issue.

Do you have children seats?
A.- Yes, we do have forward facing car seats and booster seats available upon request only, and subject to availability. The car seats that we count with are for children between 0 and 3 years old, actually there is no additional charge applicable to that service.

Is the tip to the driver included in your published prices?
A.- No, the tip to your driver is optional, and it is not included in the price charged, depending on the service received, you can tip him if you think he deserves it. The only items included in the price are taxes, insurance and airport federal fees.

Do you rent your vehicles per hour or for private excursions?
A.- Yes, we can rent our vehicles for a minimum of 3 hours, also if you wish to take a private tour, we can do that as well. We provide the driver in both cases.

Can you transport handicapped people?
A.- Yes we can do that, we have a wheel chair ramp available upon request, we can also remove some seats from our vehicles to allow that special people to travel more comfortable.

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