All of our staff has the complete vaccination schedule of two doses.
The booster vaccination campaign in Cancun will start in February 2022.

Ground Transportation Service Health and Hygiene Protocols and Guidelines

Our commitment is to provide safe and healthy transportation services to our valuable customers. Before the new normality caused by the pandemic, we train all our staff to prepare and execute operational plans by:
  • Creating and implementing staff protocols and guidelines, including airport representatives, drivers, and local service providers related to transportation.
  • Provide our staff with the tools and information necessary regarding infection control, physical contact, sharing of utensils, appropriate attire, and enhanced hygiene measures, the use of masks and gloves as recommended by local and international health authorities.
  • Request that key stakeholders such as transport partners have trained their staff on the basis of likeminded protocols to enable consistent approach across sector.
  • Regular monitoring of well-being of team members by leadership, encouraging them to follow governmental health guidelines.

Delivering a Safe Experience

As ground transportation operators we work to deliver a safe experience for our staff and our passengers through enhanced cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Worked with suppliers to understand what additional measures they have been introduced.
  • Implemented and confirmed with suppliers processes focused on enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices for vans, buses and other vehicles used as well as increase their cleaning/disinfection frequency.
  • For your safety we use only selected disinfecting products approved by health authorities
  • Revisited guidance to the cleaning team with a specific focus on high-frequency touch points, including handrails, door handles, air-conditioned filters, overhead lockers and headsets if applicable.
  • Enhance cleaning frequency as appropriate, before each transportation service and right after the completion of it, the vehicle will be properly sanitized by the driver.
  • Approved disinfecting products are available at boarding to passengers in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitizer as appropriate.
  • Regulate the number of passengers on board or implement seat spacing if required by local legislation.
  • Implemented customer processes including information and minimizing physical contact.
  • Limited physical contact and queuing where possible.
  • For safety, passengers must bring their own masks; however, face masks are available on board if needed.
  • Passengers, drivers, and tour guides must use face masks during the trip, no exceptions.
  • Handshakes between staff and clients during the outbreak is banned.
  • Airport receptionists and drivers must use face masks all the time when they are in personal contact with passengers.
  • Reviewed payment method to prioritize contactless and online pre-payment methods.